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Every man’s home is his castle! Kirkham Kastles strives to make every single one of our properties are unique, curated, and comfortable stay for guests. With 50 properties across the Rocky Mountains they provide One of a kind experiences and luxurious accommodations.

Launched from a single spare bedroom in their home Aerin and Rachel Kirkham have been available to scale their business to 50 properties in Utah, Idaho, and Washington. They have very traditional homes along with some extraordinary locations which include a castle, Hawaiian Surfsound, mountain chalet‘s, resort ski in ski outs, tiny homes, and much more

They got their start in hospitality while living in Cozumel Mexico as aaron manage the marketing for 27 destinations location retail stores. Upon returning to United States they entered the real estate game and have become a full-service investment management company

they pride themselves on being able to offer incredible return rates to their clients and property owners. Having done long-term rental management for a number of years with it they are very familiar with increasing revenue via short term rental.